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Deep Search believe SEO and Search Marketing should be in the hands of businesses and organisations. There's nobody who knows their company better than those who work there. Outsourcing SEO to agencies or web design companies can be a risky business. Deep Search provide consultancy-based training to ensure the search marketing fits the business. This produces better return on investment and allows companies to find their niche in positioning their business online.

Philip Davies

Hello. I run a small business services consultancy, helping entrepreneurs, businesses and social enterprises make sure that they have the knowledge and systems in place to concentrate on doing what they do best - running their business. You can find me on twitter (which I'm trying to remember to use more) or on LinkedIn.

Robert Duckers

Hi! I've optimised a large number of websites and I'm a specialist in Local Search. I'm a Google AdWords Professional and manage a number of PPC accounts for SMEs and Charities. I blog about SEO and Web Marketing, and occassionaly about coffee cups. Feel free to follow me on twitter here or add me on LinkedIn.

SEO Training in Cheshire, Wirral, North Wales and the North West

Deep Search provide SEO Training to organisations and business in the North West. We can tailor an SEO Training Course to your aims and ambitions in search, and deliver the training in your workplace. We'll consult with you about what you want to achieve and plan the training around your objectives.
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